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To create this content, we received input and advice from women who have vulvodynia, scientists, pelvic pain experts, chronic pain specialists, and advocacy groups. We also summarize the work and publications of many other scientists who were not directly involved in this project because their research is essential to our current understanding of vulvodynia physiology. This work represents the result of a collaborative effort whose primary mission is to improve the lives of women living with vulvodynia everywhere. We are hopeful that continuing research and input from vulvodynia patients will continue to lead to therapeutic advancements.

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Living with vulvodynia can be debilitating and challenging due to lack of access to vulvodynia specialists and information about vulvodynia therapies. Most women suffer in silence for many years before seeking help. It takes courage, dedication, and grit, to contribute to research while suffering with pain. We express our gratitude for their contributions to vulvodynia research.

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The work of understanding vulvodynia would not be possible without the contributions of the following individuals:

Georgine Lamvu

Jorge Carrillo

Jessica Feranec

Chensi Ouyang

Lydia Lo

Andrea Rapkin

Meryl Alappattu

Kathryn Witzeman

Daniela Markovic

Mark Bishop

Michael Robinson

Roger Fillingim

Richard Marvel

Ruby Nguyen

Christin Veasley

Lisa Goldstein

Phyllis Mate

Denniz Zolnoun

Laura Burrows

Insiyyah Patanwala

William Ledger

Anne-Marie Bongiovanni

Steven Witkin

Francisco Chavez

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